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This is a text-based version of the Cheatsheet for Docker CLI image.

Run a new Container

Start a new Container from an Image

docker run IMAGE 
docker run nginx

… and assign it a name

docker run --name CONTAINER IMAGE 
docker run --name web nginx

… and map a port

docker run -p 8080:80 nginx

… and map all ports

docker run -P IMAGE 
docker run -P nginx

… and start container in background

docker run -d IMAGE
docker run -d nginx

… and assign it a hostname

docker run --hostname HOSTNAME IMAGE 
docker run --hostname srv nginx

… and add a DNS entry

docker run --add-host HOSTNAME:IP IMAGE 

… and map a local directory into the container

docker run -v ~/:/usr/share/nginx/html nginx 

… but change the entrypoint

docker run -it --entrypoint EXECUTABLE IMAGE
docker run -it --entrypoint bash nginx

If you want to exit the container’s interactive shell session, but do not want to interrupt the processes running in it, press Ctrl+P followed by Ctrl+Q.

Manage Containers

Show a list of running containers

docker ps

Show a list of all containers

docker ps -a

Delete a running container

docker rm -f CONTAINER
docker rm -f web

Delete stopped containers

docker container prune

Stop a running container

docker stop CONTAINER
docker stop web

Start a stopped container

docker start CONTAINER
docker start web

Copy a file from the container to the host

docker cp web:./index.html index.html

Copy a file from the host to the container

docker cp index.html web:./index.html 

Start a shell inside a running container

docker exec -it web bash

Rename a container

docker rename OLD_NAME NEW_NAME
docker rename 096 web

Create an image out of a container

docker commit CONTAINER
docker commit web

Manage Images

Download an Image

docker pull IMAGE[:TAG] 
docker pull nginx
docker pull ubuntu:23.10

Upload an image to a repository

docker push IMAGE[:TAG] 
docker push myimage:1.0

Delete an image

docker rmi IMAGE

Show a list of all images

docker images

Delete dangling images

docker image prune

Delete all unused images

docker image prune -a

Built an image from a Dockerfile

docker build DIRECTORY
docker build .

Tag an image

docker tag IMAGE NEW_IMAGE
docker tag ubuntu ubuntu:23.10

Build and tag and image grom a Dockerfile

docker build -t IMAGE DIRECTORY
docker build -t myimage .

Save an image to .tar file

docker save IMAGE > TARFILE
docker save nginx > nginx.tar

Load an image from a .tar file

docker load -i TARFILE
docker load -i nginx.tar

Info & Stats

Show the logs of a container

docker logs CONTAINER 
docker logs web

Show stars of running containers

docker stats

Show processes of running containers

docker top CONTAINER
docker top web

Show installed docker version

docker version

Get detailed info about and object

docker inspect NAME
docker inspect nginx

Show all modified files in container

docker diff CONTAINER
docker diff web

Show mapped ports of a container

docker port CONTAINER
docker port web