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Today we’ll learn how to send an SMS using Notifications SOAP API with SOAP UI.

OpenText Notifications is a cloud-based, comprehensive omni-channel messaging platform that increases the effectiveness of message creation and delivery. It is a coordinated solution to deliver essential communications via SMS, voice, email and fax with end-to-end visibility and message control. The solution provides the flexibility and scalability to meet every business need, from individual personalized messages to large-scale broadcast communications.

NOTE: Notifications also provides a REST API, but currently (August 2023), exposes fewer functions than the SOAP API.

JobSubmit function

The JobSubmit function allows one or more documents to be submitted for delivery to one or more destinations. This is one of the most basic, and also one of the most complex, functions available through the Cloud Fax and Notifications API.

We will use it to send an SMS to our mobile phone.


We’ll use SoapUI, an automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs, to invoke Notifications SOAP API to send an SMS.

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Let’s create a new SOAP project. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on File » New SOAP project

New SOAP project

  • Provide the required information in the New SOAP project pop-up:
    • Project name: ws.easylink
    • Initial WSDL: http://ws.easylink.com/JobSubmit/2011/01?WSDL
    • Create Request: Checked

New SOAP project pop-up

  • Click on OK button

A default request is created based on the request definition given in the WSDL:

JobSubmit defaul request We must modify the XML request to provide the required information. Our request will look like this:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ns="http://ws.easylink.com/RequestResponse/2011/01" xmlns:ns1="http://ws.easylink.com/JobSubmit/2011/01">
               <ns:RequesterID aliasType="?">USER</ns:RequesterID>
		   <JobSubmitRequest xmlns="http://ws.easylink.com/JobSubmit/2011/01">
								<DocData format="text">Sending an SMS using Notifications SOAP API with SOAP UI</DocData>	

JobSubmit custom request

NOTE: You must provide your own user (tag ns:RequesterID) and password (tag ns:Password) to complete the authentication. Update the Phone tag with your mobile phone number to receive the SMS and DocData tag with the desired text for your SMS.

  • Copy the URL in the ns:ReceiverKey tag
  • Paste the URL in the address text box

JobSubmit custom request URL updated

  • Click on Submit button in the top-left menu

JobSubmit custom request URL updated

We can see the response in the left-hand side. The tag MRN includes the job identifier, in our example 44376898.

JobSubmit response

SMS in our mobile phone

After a few seconds the SMS is received in our mobile phone.

SMS sent by OT Notifications

Jobs status in MyPortal

We can check the status of our job in MyPortal, the Notifications web interface.

Just select Jobs » Check Job Status on the top menu.

Check Job Status

If you click on the row with the same Job Id that was returned in our call you’ll see a more detailed information.

Check Job Status - details